Therapy, Counseling, and Mental Health Treatment

Individual Therapy

This mode of therapy is catered specifically for you or your teen. In our first appointment, we’ll focus on your WHY for change and relief. Through collaborative creation of goals, you’ll leave after your first appointment knowing exactly what we are going to focus on in therapy.

Throughout the experience, you’ll develop skills to respond to difficult emotions, gain a deeper understanding of what drives your behaviors and emotions and cultivate increased compassion toward yourself.

Family & Parenting

We all have families, love them, and struggle with them.

If you’re a parent- parenting is tough! You care deeply about your child, and you are feeling exhausted and concerned that you’re just not doing anything right.

Family support is available to better understand the needs of each family member, increase wellness-focused behaviors and reduce unwanted behaviors resulting in conflict.

Group Therapy

We know, group therapy sounds uncomfortable because doing therapy with other people sounds scary. And that’s a reason to try it! Group therapy is an effective way to work through social anxiety and related concerns because you get to practice what scares you in every session.

Group therapy can also be a powerful setting in which to connect with others, receive feedback and validation, and build skills with accountability from each group member. This format of therapy is both structured and catered to the goals that each person creates.

Couples Therapy

Romantic relationships can be riddled with complexity, including deep feelings of desire for reconnection, confusion, and isolation. Modern relationships require evidence-based, effective approaches.

That’s why we use the highly successful approach of Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) when working with couples. This approach has extensive outcome research for couple’s issues.

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