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Welcome to our online therapy services in Connecticut. Find support and guidance from the comfort of your home. Let’s navigate this journey towards healing together.

Mental Health Therapy, Counseling, and Treatment in Connecticut

Currently, the states that ChangeWell Psych serves are the ones identified on our online therapy page and identified on the PSYPACT website.

Because Connecticut participates in PSYPACT, ChangeWell Psych can conduct online therapy in Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Hartford, Waterbury, and throughout the entire state!

If you’re ready to get started, we offer a free 15-minute consultation for new clients to help you get to know us and see if online therapy is a good fit for you.

This is an opportunity for us to connect on a personal level and understand your needs in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

The State of Mental Health in Connecticut

Based on a 2022 study by Mental Health America (MHA), the following trends, statistics, and prevenance of mental illness was identified for Connecticut: 

  • Connecticut ranked 9 out of 51 states for access to mental health treatment.
  • 54% of adults in Connecticut did not receive treatment for their mental health condition.
  • 18.85% of adults in Connecticut are experiencing mental illness.
  • 8.43% of adults in Connecticut reported having substance use disorder in the past year.
  • 4.46% of adults in Connecticut reported serious thoughts of suicide.
  • 65.6% of youth in Connecticut did not receive treatment for their mental health condition.
  • 14.41% of youth in Connecticut report suffering from at least one major depressive episode in the past year.
  • 3.74% of youth in Connecticut reported substance use disorder in the past year.
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Having collaborated with Dr. Leia Charnin for years, I can attest to her compassionate, skilled and inclusive approach to therapy and consultation. Her practice, ChangeWells is quickly becoming a valued community resource with specializations in relationship health, identity affirmation, DBT skills and trauma recovery. I would recommend without hesitation!
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I have the privilege of working with Emily routinely as a colleague. She is deeply empathic, cares greatly about her clients, and is an excellent problem-solver with any clinical concerns I staff with her. She helps me to be a better therapist, and I’m grateful for her! I have no hesitation referring people to her because I know the excellent quality of care she provides.
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ChangeWell is a place of inclusivity for anyone seeking therapy. Their clinicians are knowledgeable, supportive and provide evidenced based therapy to help people achieve their goals. You'll be met with respect and kindness as they understand the huge step you're taking in seeking out therapy. Happy to recommend them to people I know and care about because I know they'll get quality services by clinicians that care.
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Changewell is so supportive of all individuals and clients. It’s refreshing to have a group private practice here in town that is dedicated to their clients’ needs. Each clinician here does a fantastic job.
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Aliya Saulson is an amazing therapist. She is insightful, smart, engaging and welcoming to all. I have found Aliya to be a consummate professional in our work together. And not only that, but she has a great laugh which I consider to be a very important quality in any human being.
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I highly recommend working with any of the staff at ChangeWell Psych. Each clinician is compassionate, knowledgeable and is willing to go the extra step to ensure best practices and care for their clients.
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Aliya is therapist who is highly intuitive, sensitive, smart, and skilled. She works hard to make her clients feel heard and supported in any way that she can.
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I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Charnin for several years. She has exceptional training and experience in working with anxiety and trauma. She is incredibly compassionate and dedicated and clearly strives to provide the highest level of care and support for her clients.

Online Therapy for Adults

With over 276,000 untreated adults grappling with mental health challenges in Connecticut alone, the need for accessible and effective mental health support has never been more critical.

By providing easily accessible and convenient mental health support through our online platform, we aim to bridge the gap in mental health care accessibility, ensuring that individuals across Connecticut can receive the assistance they need, regardless of geographical or logistical barriers.

Online Therapy for Teens

Adults aren’t the only one experiencing a mental health crisis. With over 24,000 untreated youth facing mental health struggles in Connecticut, it’s imperative to address the unique needs of this vulnerable demographic.

By offering a platform where young people can access professional support from the comfort and privacy of their own space, we aim to break down the barriers that often prevent them from seeking help.

Online Therapy for Families

Online therapy offers invaluable benefits for families by providing convenient access to professional support from the comfort of home.

Through virtual sessions, families can address various challenges, such as communication issues, behavioral concerns, or navigating major life transitions, in a safe and supportive environment.

Online Therapy for Couples

Online therapy offers unique benefits for couples by providing a convenient and accessible platform to address relationship issues and strengthen emotional bonds.

Couples can engage in therapy sessions together from any location, facilitating open communication and collaboration in resolving conflicts and enhancing intimacy.

The virtual setting may also help couples feel more comfortable discussing sensitive topics, leading to deeper insights and more effective solutions.

Our Counselors

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Leia Charnin wearing a black blazer in front of grey wall

Leia Charnin, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

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Talley, an Indian female with shoulder-length hair, is seated on a cream-colored couch in front of a light orange cushion

Talley Mortara, LMFTA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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Aliya is a white female, wearing brown-rimmed glasses, a gold nose ring on her left nostril, and a colorful floral top with a blue base

Aliya Saulson, LCSW

Licensed Social Worker

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Emily, an Asian female with tan skin and black hair wearing a white top and black dress

Emily Soukhanouvong, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

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Divya Mahadevia, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Elena Delhagen

Administrative Support

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