Licensed Psychologist

Leia Charnin, Ph.D.

Leia Charnin wearing a black blazer in front of grey wall

Hey, I'm Leia!

Hi, I’m Leia (yes, as in Princess Leia!).

I nurtured my inner nerd (lovingly called the “nerd sister” by her big brother) by developing ChangeWell Psych and accumulating a number of roles along the way, such as licensed psychologist, speaker, trainer, researcher, and podcast host.

I have a deep fascination with human behavior and development, which I fostered through research on some of the following topics: stereotype and prejudice formation; ways that bias affects career choices; and trauma-informed care models.

This foundation resulted in my core value of being a social justice advocate. I prioritize equity and observe human experiences through a multicultural lens.

Other topics that delight me include every single dog that I see, the outdoors (I’m an avid hiker), and live music (that band nerd from high school will always be a part of my identity).

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