Licensed Social Worker

Aliya Saulson, LCSW

I engage clients in collaborative processes to assist you not only in improving your relationships with others, but also enriching your relationship with yourself.

Aliya is a white female, wearing brown-rimmed glasses, a gold nose ring on her left nostril, and a colorful floral top with a blue base

Hey, I'm Aliya!

I collaborate with you to cultivate an intentional life by asking questions you’ve never thought about before. I take great intention in creating a space where you feel supported and accepted, because we must feel a certain level of safety and trust in order to have the courage to change, grow, and be vulnerable.

I am a welcoming therapist with a warm energy committed to providing a client-centered approach that takes into account every aspect of your identity. I have experience working with adults of all genders and all ages and particularly enjoy working with young women in emerging adulthood.

I aim to provide LGBTQIA+, sex-positive, affirming services while incorporating a social justice anti-racist framework. In my clinical work, I draw from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy modalities and mindfulness approaches to meet clients “where they are.”

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